Curiosity may be defined as the desire to know the unknown. There are many things hidden to us for we are humans. But at the same time, today the known things which at one time was unknown to us are the result of human discoveries. We have studied almost all the discoveries of humans but what was the idea behind that led to such discoveries. The reason was their curiosities.

All the discoveries and the findings are the result of their craving for knowing the unknown. Curiosity includes all the probe. It includes Whys and Hows of the matter.It’s actually a convention that lead us to do or find about different things. Curiosity leads to one’s passion.

For illustration Newton’s Law of Gravitation was the termination of his curiosity to find about the falling apple he saw. Similarly Curiosity is the basis of scientific development. Edison’s invention, Electric bulb, which is one of the necessities of life came into existence due to his curiosity to discover what happens when he experimented with batteries and wires. Almost all the discoveries from history or present are the result of the curiosities of the discoverer. This shows that them being curious led to some good.

But still it would not be accurate if we say getting curious over things always leads to good. Curiosity puts you very much in thoughts.

One can get curious over anything and in today’s life it actually has become a habit to know about the unknown. As our stomach can not withstand  hunger, it can not digest the things unknown to it too. Today getting curious over things is a bad habit or i will say worst, because we get curious over every little thing.

We even want to find out  about things that do not concern us. In the past time, scientists had not much facilities, whatever they discovered, they did by their minds but today we are so blessed with technology that it does our half of the work. We do not need to get curious about things as Internet is a source of every answer. About what things we get curious than?

It is said ‘Curiosity is the most powerful thing we own but employing power is not always good. Sometimes getting curious about other people’s matter is like interfering in their lives and not everyone like it. People get curious about other people’s life. A woman’s biggest curiosity today is know about other woman’s dressing. A student’s biggest curiosity today is to know how much his fellow student studies or play. A politician is always curious about his opponent. A sports team is always curious about its opponent team. Parents are always curious about their children’s activities. To put in simple, we have totally changed the meaning of curiosity. Today curiosity is limited to knowing about one’s personal life. Hence it has become dangerous. Curiosity is not a sin, it never was. But one must use it cautiously and for exploring things.

Undoubtedly, curiosity leads to new findings, when we get curious a lot of questions occur to our mind that in thirst of getting its answers discover new things. But only if we are curious about ideas unfortunately, now a days our curiosity is limited to people. We are more curious about people than ideas.

Being curious is definitely not a bad thing but as we have heard ‘A curious mind knows no limits’, everyday we see new and new things, the world is keep moving and changing daily as people in their curiosity discovering new and new things daily but today it is obligatory that one should know one’s limit when gets curious. As an Idiom says ‘curiosity killed the cat‘ that is use to warn people of the dangers of unnecessary investigation. A very curious person may find trouble and put himself into danger as there are some things that do not need to be known. Similarly the next line of the idiom is ‘Satisfaction brought it back’ means satisfaction is better than being curious. Curiosity does not always leads to good, why, how, when, where? these investigative questions are not always good to ask. These questions sometimes create a fuss, secondly its in man’s nature not to trust things at first hence our curiosities if truth be told has changed into suspicions.

In short, we are essentially curious people. In other words we are more censorious than curious. We should stop being curious for things that does not matter in our life to lead a calming life  like finding about other people’s life and as we all know ‘Too much knowledge about things is dangerous‘. Its better not to get curious about people’s secret or their personal matters going on their family as this has nothing to do with us. Secondly in my opinion we really want to know about things not because we want to make them right but its just our curious nature that urges us to find the unknown and who does not like gossiping. Us getting curious is no less than poking our nose in other’s matter.

So if we define today’s meaning of curiosity we certainly should get rid of it than for it has become an addiction and addiction is a disease.