All the societies present today not only are different from each other but from the past societies too. The main difference you witness between the present and past society is very interesting, to my idea, it is that the past societies were shaped or run by wise and adult people and in today’s society the youth is exploring the ideas of the past societies and playing its role. Today youth plays the most of the part in any development and their thirst for knowledge force them to go into the past. But the question is ‘how?’.

Societies have been the part of the world for centuries so whenever today any society face some problem, it thinks how our elders might have solved the problem. As it is said ‘To be human is to be curious‘. While doing something so many questions occur in our minds that demand answers to solve the matter. Yet in the past when societies had to know something, how did they reach the answers? As they had no facilities of internet or even electricity. We know that our ancestors used to question about sky, sun and the moon in wonder. They used to see the setting of the sun and the movement of stars in joy. Hence their search for explanation led to so many discoveries. And these discoveries are passed from generation to generations. Here is the answer, how do we know about their discoveries when they were very secretive than today, because of technology.

Today we can just google about things and get the answer. Today’s society know much about the earth than our ancestors did in the past just because of technology. As time passes many new discoveries producing and many new questions arising but today it is less difficult to get their answers than in the past.

And now to the answer of the topic, yes we are too much dependent on technology. It has become a need of today’s society. Technology includes machines and it would not be wrong to say humans have become machines. In every corner of the world we see, technology is present. From an office to a house, from a building to a road technology can be seen everywhere. At the same time when we depend too much on something, question comes ‘Is dependence good?’. Definitely no! But at the same time it has become a need and to put in simple we are living technology.

As there are many uses of technology in daily life, it has many disadvantages too. And it all depends on how we use it not what it does to us. We use it to help the world, sometimes we use it to surpass others and many a times we use it to change the world. It depends on us for what reason we use it. Its useless to go to the office and work without computer because we can not as its our need. Similarly living in a hotel building without a Wifi  will kill you, not because its necessity of life but we have made it our need. As we know plants give us oxygen to breath but we spend most of our time inside of the house using Wifi which is too bad. Where technology has connected us with our history or friends, at the same time it has created distances. In searching about the past we are wasting our today.

You see, man has become lazy today though he works a lot. As R. Buckminster Fuller said,

‘Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons’

Why man has become indolent today because he has got machines to do his work. Machines are playing their role in every field. We sit on the desk, think of some idea for the project and next is all up to the computer. Similarly an architecture just needs to design the building and the process of constructing building is done by the machine. Machines are being used to pave the roads or construct it. E-mails have taken the place of postcards or letters. Every time we sit to make an assignment or do some work we need internet.

If today facebook, twitter, viber, whatsapp , skype all these things are detached, our life would become more than difficult for we depend on these things. In short humans have not succeeded but technology has succeeded humans. For good or bad, we use it, we can never deny we depend on it more than we should.