Knowingly or unknowingly, with the passing of each day, new and new memories are getting stored in our brain. Human brain starts working the moment we are born, it functions 24 hours a day. When we live a moment, we never realize that our brain is feeding it, no matter special or day to day our brain stores it. Though, we believe that memories are only which we make. Like, we organize some moments in life, e.g. birthdays, especially so we can remember them. But we do not perceive that each day that passes is becoming past and experiences of the past are synonym of memories.  Memories are not solely for specific people for they are something which each and every human being forms himself not buy.  Old or young, rich or poor, king or slave, everyone has his own memories.Every mind is rich in memories. You meet a lot of people in life, they come, they leave but you still remember them. How? Because at that time, when you were living the moment you did not realize your mind is devouring everything happening – making memory.

The debate is what role memories play in our lives? I feel, memories no matter good or bad leaves a great impact on future. It is absolutely wrong to fade memories away even if they are hurting. Then, there are some very pleasing memories that remain in mind even if we remember them or not.

Life is hard and is a name of struggle. We all, even the king or president, have to fight the circumstances to attain a peaceful life. As it happens, all the countries of the world had to fight for its independence and after so many sacrifices they achieve their liberty and rights to self-determination. History of all the countries include some painful episodes for USA it is lethal event American Civil War, for European countries it’s the tragic episode of World War II, for Jews it’s the haunting memories of the Holocaust, for Japan it’s August 6 and August 9, 1945 when it faced the wrath of atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki etc. But how they have advanced so much from the abysmal circumstances to the modern developed countries of today? Only because of their fortitude, they believe that sacrifice for a god cause, hard work and struggle always pay off in the long run. They have memories of their ancestors that do not allow them to do anything wrong.


Transformation from Ashes to Developed Nations.

I was 16 when Pakistan was formed and I saw the days of independence from my own eyes and still remember the struggle we made to get this land. My grandmother used to tell me this story and express her love for this land more than anything because the memories of those days were still fresh in her mind. She knew the value of this land and socio-political and religious liberty which it offered to its citizens. She said this because she was the witness of the sacrifices made to get this land. Those were definitely not good memories but really helped her to do as much as she could for her country.

Secondly, I think it depends on us how we react to certain memories for we make memories and sometimes memories make us. We meet a lot of people daily, in this hasty world where we often forget ourselves, the only thing that take us into the past are our memories.  Even if past is not good, its memories will help us in one way or other. Would you ever again make a foolish decision you made in past? Unquestionably, No. For Instance, I failed in a subject just because of my own carelessness and I really regret it. That cost me so much pitfall and I really ought not to remember it. But again when I gave the same subject exam I remembered where I did wrong and that memory of the specific day helped me succeeding. Something that make you suffer, although worst to remember, are nevertheless supportive.

Many a times, when something fail to help us, memories take us further. Different people come and teach you different things. You cannot always learn from the same teacher, every teacher will make you learn something, he leaves but his learning remains in form of memories.  I do not feel memories hinder anyway, it is on us to transform the gloomy memories of the past into a bright future.