You are young, you are not yet graduated , you have no resources, you have no money and above all you are not famous and experienced. These phrases are often used when one tells you that you can’t do this. People usually believe that only a king,  president or a leader can bring change in the world.

This is absolutely fallacious. Instead of saying a group of concerned people, I would rather say a concerned individual is enough to bring good change in people’s life. It is a misapprehension as we think that only a man in authorization can do certain things.

How easily we curse our leaders in power when something bad happens. I admit power is a great thing and they can use it anytime to make things better. But somewhere, its our fault as we expect everything from the leaders which are in our own hands.Its a repeated thing, we should get used to which,  that every person when comes in power will make you think he is the best and then we know next. We unawares pass judgments like ‘how they are having fun’, ‘using power for their own benefits’, ‘betraying their people’ etc etc. How about we understand that they already have so much on their plates, for positive thoughts bring positive changes. Thinking how in the name of leaderships they are living an opulent life induces more and more rage only. This happens a lot. On every little issue we start protests and what is the outcome? We end up hurting our own selves, destroying our own economy and aggravating our own situations.

What does power mean? To me, power just does not mean authority or dominance. Its real meaning is strength, potential or ability and we all have these things hidden some where in us. Joseph Stalin once said,

‘I believe in one thing only, the power of human will’

If leaders have power to change things by ruling than ordinary people have ability to change the world by their enthusiasm. ‘When there is a will, there is a way’: short but very thought provoking. If we demand change, we just have to find a way to make change.


Young Students Shireen Zafar, Hasan Zafar and Master Ayub Empowering Street Children through Education

Government is involved in so many issues of its own that it did not heed to the demand of schools or education made by people for poor kids. Even if schools are opened, there are so many who can not afford even paying 1000 rupees hence seeing this Master Ayub and a brother-sister (Shireen and Hasan Zafar) duo brought education to the streets of Islamabad and karachi respectively. Poor children who have to sell things to make money and could not go to school, they brought class room to them. The thing to heed at is that they Shireen and Hasan Zafar are young students and Master Ayub is an old man; ordinary people without power but with knowledge. They are trying to bring change only by what they have-knowledge. They did not wait for the time to reach a position of authority or power, instead their concern for the abysmal situation of street child not only motivated them to take necessary action to ameliorate the situation but also influenced many others and a lot of people came to donate and help them.

Poverty is world’s greatest problem. Seeing government failing to solve it, a lot of people are coming forward to do what they can do. After wall of kindness, wall of gifts even a refrigerator for food has opened by people in which they leave juices or food for poor. These little efforts are leading to big changes. Similarly, work done by people like Abdul Sattar Edhi and Mother Teresa has brought drastic changes in  the lives of many people despite the fact they didn’t have any governmental authority and power but only strong will and determination to help their fellow human beings.


These attempts are proving that you mere need to be spirited not powerful. Besides, humans tend to follow good deeds they see. Hence we have ample abilities to make significant changes and address the widespread injustices in the society provided we have the will power to do so.

There are so many ambitions which we abandon only because we feel its not the right time and we can not do this. Never think we do not have power, we all do have and that is our will power, much greater than the dominating power.