Ramadan is the holiest month of one of the greatest religion Islam. Muslims from all over the world observe fasting and commemorate the revelation of Quran, the sacred book of Muslims, revealed to the Prophet (PBUH). Ramadan is celebrated every year with more zeal and zest than the previous year. Though, around the world, people are of different faith but people of all doctrines can learn a great deal from Ramadan. For instance, in Ramadan Muslims invite their friends, families or neighbor for Iftar, evening meal. Secondly when Muslims fast, spend their daylight hours without eating something, it inculcates a sense of patience in them. When they spend a day without eating, they feel the grievances of the poor and act with them generously. Ramadan demands from its observers to abstain from all the wrong doings and give as much charity in this holy month as they can.

Ramadan: A month of happiness

Ramadan, according to Muslims, is a month of happiness. They spread happiness by doing every good deed that could be done. The thing that is most emphasized, to be taken care of, during the month of Ramadan is to not hurt your brothers and sisters especially by tongue. It is asked to speak nicely to everyone, you know him or not. And you see, what is the best thing about Ramadan, when a person do something good his good deed is multiplied manifolds. This beautiful month develops a sense of responsibility among people. They spend most of the time in gaining blessing and forgiveness from GOD, helping others and not to procrastinate.

It’s the best time of the year. It is, in reality, a month of celebration and joy that brings families, neighbors and friends closer. Actually feeling hunger is the best feeling for Muslims as they all experience it together. Besides these all, the negative things like abusing, drinking, smoking, gossiping, back biting, swearing falsely and getting angry are all forbidden.

Ramadan promotes social cohesion

From all the above stated, we can see the month of Ramadan is not only a month of spirituality but of social cohesion and character building. It reminds people of their duties. The month of Ramadan, in every way, is the best. You see, in this hectic routine where people do not find much time to spend with family, the Iftar time is the time where all leave their work and sit on the same table to open the fast. Not only Muslims, but people from any faith can learn a lot of things from this beautiful month. As we can see, the biggest problem, world facing today is poverty. The month of Ramadan is a chance to lessen this problem. Ramadan provides an effective solution to the curse of poverty through Zakat and Charity. Almighty Allah instruct every well off Muslim to pay a specific amount of the wealth, they possess, to the less fortune people so that they may also support their families and come out of the shackles of penury. In the words of philosopher and writer,Tariq Ramadan

“Ramadan is, in its essence, a month of humanist spirituality”

Ramadan: A chance to improve your health

Besides the above advantages, there are numerous health benefits of fasting too. Researches have  found about fasting that going without food for short period of times helps in combating the most dangerous disease, cancer. Fasting can be a safe way of losing weight. It is said that fasting gives your digestive system a rest. It also helps in regulating hormones. It improves your immune system. Very few people know that fasting helps in clearing the skin and preventing acne.The foremost benefit of fasting, that many few people are aware of, is that it helps a lot in functioning. In short

Ramadan is a month that provides you with a chance of improving yourself from good to better or to best.