In this 21st century, the earth is loaded with people’s narcissism. Narcissism, according to Wikipedia, can be described as excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one’s physical appearance’ and to speak my mind I see nothing wrong in admiring yourself. In this age of narcissism, our society pictures it always in a negative way like someone arrogant, vain or egocentric. Although it’s arduous to love a narcissist but if we go a little more deep in its scrutiny, we can get to know how we can use it for our own advantages. Today people need to revise the definition of ‘Narcissism’ they have stored in their minds. They need to know that not all narcissists in the world make themselves feel special by defaming others. Somewhere inside, we are all narcissists. Who doesn’t in the world like to talk about him/herself, about his/her achievements, in short all of us love to hear someone applauding us.

Before abhorring anything, we should first look up to its advantages as we know ‘every coin has two sides’.

The biggest and foremost bonus narcissists enjoy is self-actualization, feeling somewhat special from others, which makes them face everything that comes in their way. They always feel an adrenaline rush which signals them that they are the most competent of all. Although their bad side is that they are too much obsessed with their qualities, but this side obscures in the wake of self-confidence and they prove their mettle and leadership skills to everyone.

So many people today need to understand that narcissism is not entirely what they think. Before showing apathy towards someone whom they consider a narcissist, people need to understand different forms of narcissism. I am the kind of narcissistic individual who wants to be the leader of a volunteer group, not because I feel myself superior to others but yes! because I am confident of my leadership capabilities. This does not mean I am downgrading my fellows. Recent studies have also shown that narcissistic individuals have ‘leadership advantage’ due to their self-confidence which people usually mistaken with ‘over-confidence’ or superiority complex and hence hate them.

Narcissism has always been loathed. Sure, a narcissistic can be haughty, arrogant, selfish, conceited but today, in this world full of tensions and competitions, pleasure seeking is most important and only you can make yourself feel content. Today, we can achieve nothing without competition and only a narcissist person (with full belief in himself) can win from others.

Another main reason why it’s good to be a narcissist is they always give their best and generally are more motivated than others as they like to be in charge. Being narcissistic means you want to be the best and to survive today’s world you have to be the best.

Recently a Wall Street Journal article revealed that self-centeredness actually lead to positive initial impressions with others. There are three types of narcissism and one of them is healthier. America’s 40th president and prominent politician Ronald Reagan’s example show how his narcissism made his life. Jeffrey Kluger, the author of ‘Narcissist Next door’ describes Reagan as “the most highly functioning narcissist who’s ever been in our political system.” Ronald Reagan was an amused man who liked being inside, who just liked what he was doing. He was a comfortable man and this healthy narcissism of him coerced him to acting and politics.

Even calling ‘The Richest Poor Man’ Abdul Sattar Edhi a narcissist would not be wrong.  As I said we must first identify the forms. He was a productive narcissist who believed in himself, who had the audacity to change the world, who was of the faith that he alone can change the world. It was his productive narcissism that managed to change so many people’s lives. Apart from them notable personalities like Machiavelli, Joseph Stalin,  Napoleon, and Mahatma Gandhi are also nominated as narcissists by psychologists.

Famous Republican Party Nominee Donald Trump can also be defined as a Narcissistic person who has made a lot of critics through his controversial speeches. You support him or not but you must acknowledge that despite so much dissent from people, he still says what he feels. He knows a lot many people does not like him but his own thought of being better from others took him this far. It’s his narcissistic behavior that has caught him so much attention from people.

The opposite of narcissistic is sacrificing and in present world you can achieve nothing by sacrificing, be it your goals, dreams or anything else. There is certainly a dark side to narcissism but I still believe everyone needs to carry a healthier narcissistic attitude some time to remind themselves of their confidence. In today’s society because of their confidence, attitude and their ability to influence others, they enjoy a prominent place. Weather in sports, politics or education, effective leadership is required that only a competitive, confident and ambitious person holds. I would like to conclude with an apt remark of  Todd Solondz

Narcissism and self-deception are survival mechanisms without which many of us might just jump off a bridge.