Every time, we get a glimpse of the opulence, freedom or lifestyle of a famous personality, it leaves us in awe. To a normal people, only a celebrated life is a life worth living. Is there any person who would refuse to replace his life with the life of Queen of United Kingdom? Hardly any! But, do you remember the famous saying, ‘’Appearances are deceptive’’.

Why am I quoting it here is because have we ever thought what’s it’s like inside of their places? Is it really as free and easy as we all envisage. Is really the life of a celebrated person that seems so glamorous from outside actually colorful in real? Does a famed person enjoy more freedom than us? Undoubtedly they enjoy greatness but don’t they pay for it? Of course yes. The life of a renowned is not at all easy.

We look at famous people, their prominence, money, fan following and possessions. If we are really desirous of the life popular people live than we should take another look at our definition of being famous. Not as many people face challenges as renowned personalities do.

Let’s take the example of Queen of United Kingdom, whose life seems to amuse everyone but is it really glorious and contented as it look. Queen Elizabeth II , the longest reigning British Monarch, is the head of 16 states. It is obvious that as head of 16 states, the Queen must have a lot to engage herself.  She gets government and state papers from countries all over the world every day to which she signs. She prepares speeches and answers for the public. It is said that the queen receives 300 letters every morning from the public to half of which she replies herself and other by her lady in waiting. The queen spends her evening with special guests such as senior members of British forces, overseas ambassadors, high commissioners etc.  Apart of it the queen attends award ceremonies and takes part in handing awards to individuals.  She hosts official receptions at night on her place daily. She has the responsibility of 16 states on her head  that does not even sound easy.

Surely the queen is living an extraordinary life but from 63 years she is not able to live like a normal person. The flashes of cameras are always on her wherever she goes. She spends her day dealing with the ministers and not like a normal citizen who after coming from job is free to do whatever and go wherever he wants. This is why it is said ‘With great power comes great responsibility’

This shows the more successful and famous you are, the greater are your responsibilities. For instance a Sportsperson’s life is seen with great envy for all the fame and luck. But honestly life as a sports person is not as easy as everyone thinks. Whether it is the team of 11 people of football or cricket or a single athlete representing his country in tennis or badminton, each sport person enters the ground with the responsibility of his whole nation. The dignity of the whole country is in the hands of that one person. People look at them as their heroes, ideals and at the same time profane them when they do not come up to their expectations.  Indubitably, a sport person is very lucky to have been given the opportunity to represent his nation, take part in what he loves, travel all around the world and explore new places. But these too do not come in a plate. They have paid and still pay for it by sacrificing a lot many things. They have to go through many sleepless nights, so many injuries and failures. Apart from it, due to practices they miss out on so many weddings, parties, family gatherings and holidays with family. People only look up to the greatness athletes possess being famous but not their tasks.

Head of the states, athletes, actors and actresses are all charming, but when we get under their skin or try to walk in their shoes we’ll, certainly, get the taste of the price which comes with their fame. A life- long struggle to catch their aspirations, unbridled commitment with their cause, infinite struggles and above all an eagerness to devote everything they have to touch the sky. There is no doubt to the fact that with great power comes great responsibilities. If we look at it the other way round, it is also true that without the commitment of being responsible and alacrity to sacrifice for their cause, nobody can achieve or maintain the greatness.