Comparison between things is fine as far as it is concerned with choosing out the best one, but between people it is not at all nourishing. Before comparing two people, we must remember we are all individuals with distinct abilities. Not only in the whole world but also the children born in the same environment are different from each other in their manners, abilities and living conditions. It’s a misconception among so many people, especially parents, who think comparing their children with other’s produce fervor in their kids. But little they know is that it invokes hatred in them; certainly not a good thing. It offends their self-respect and makes them lose their self-confidence. It is a fact that some children are gifted, intelligent and capable by nature and inherit an innate advantage over their fellows. So it’s worthless to scold a child by comparing his abilities to other children.

Nature has bestowed every individual with different capabilities. Each person’s intelligence level differs from the other. Each person shows his own interests and perspectives of things, therefore he loathes being compared to others.

There are many disadvantages of comparing yourself to others. The foremost is when you compare yourself to others, you stray away yourself from your work, counting your faults all day long. It’s human nature to compare himself to others although there is no comparison of one person to other. It’s not a human fault maybe, we live in a world highly influenced by the notion: ‘survival of the fittest‘. No matter how much we achieve we can never be satisfied. As it is said ‘The more you get, the more you want’.

If you want to lead a meaningful and calm life, it’s necessary to be happy with what you have got and not compare with what others have.

For instance, parents who are watching their kid playing tennis with another kid who has better techniques or artistry, naturally inclined to make comparison between children’s game. What is better for them to do? To go to him and scold him by comparing with the other kid or to tell him his shortcomings in  respectful manners and help him overcome his shortcomings? Of course, not to make him feel inferior by comparing with other kid’s ability but to tell him what he lacks in a gentle way. Reaching out to the kid, in the middle of the game, and scolding him with the harsh words of comparison: ‘Look at other kids, their abilities and way of playing’ would not only give him stress but he will also lose his confidence.

Some people think comparison is necessary to achieve your goal. But they must remember when comparison becomes a hobby, they land in a space filled with envy, jealousy and inferiority complex. Their obsession with others’ talents and curiosity to know their competitor’s ability erode their own talents. Seeing someone doing better than us makes us feel sad whereas seeing ourselves better than someone makes us superior/proud. In short, none of the two states make us happy. The comparisons do not make us feel happy-they make us feel bad about ourselves and proud keeps us at arm’s length from our sincere friends. Nobody ever likes his habits, abilities, nature or even dresses to be compared. Comparison is a cruel thing. Most of the time, it persuades friends to feel envious of each other.

Not only parents but teachers in school should avoid comparing students as it downgrades the confidence of certain students. They should, instead, create an affable environment to know what other students lack.

To put in plain words; comparison is witless because each person is unique. Comparison between people only leads to jealousy among them. By comparing yourself or your work with others, you only annihilate your brilliance or passion, thus further losing your self-reliance. And I think its self-destructive to compare yourself to others.