If we believe that life is not permanent then how can we suppose that our days will remain the same? This life is continuously in the state of change. Day fades into Night, moon replaces sun and even our habits change with time. Change is inevitable and from past 4.5 billion years, earth has been changing. Now let’s talk about humans. The condition of earth is constantly changing and same is the case with its residents. The situation of a person does not always remain the same. A pauper of today can become rich tomorrow, a diseased can recover to the healthiest of all tomorrow, a loser of today can be a winner of tomorrow, in-short no one knows what fate offers us tomorrow. Every dog has his day is an idiom of hope for the hopeless. For every person whose life is going through a bad phase, this idiom is a ray of hope. It signifies that a period of happiness and satisfaction will make its way somehow in their lives.

This expression states that even persons who consider themselves most unfortunate will one day find their glory. These ups and downs are the part of life. Had our lives always been joyous it would have been monotonous and tedious. If our success gives us confidence then failure gives lesson. Both are essentially important. Everything that happens to us, happens for a reason. If one is living in dark today doesn’t mean he should lose hope of seeing light.

For the first time, I am confused of whose example to give. But, before throwing light on some famous personalities who gave life to this proverb, I must add something to it.

Every dog has his day unless he loses his optimism. Once a person embrace bad luck as an eternal companion, he can never rise up again.

To me, J.K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter fantasy series, serves as best example of this proverb. She defines her childhood as most joyless years. J.K Rowling’s mother died while she was writing Harry potter. Of course her mother’s death period was the most difficult and gloomy but little she knew that the book she was writing, to keep her busy, would bring such success and fame to her life. Years after graduating from university, she saw herself as a failure. She remained jobless for many time but it was a blessing in disguise actually. She dedicated all her time to writing and today we can see how much it bore fruit. Rowling has been also named as the first person to become a billionaire by writing books. After seeing financial and family problems, she is living her days. In those days she would have never imagined that her life would turn out like this.

Who can ever imagine that leaving an institute like Harvard would profit somehow. Bill Gates left Harvard to embark upon a journey which rewarded him Microsoft. But he never thought that his decision, which many would have described as foolish at that time, would make him the richest man of the world.

Living half of his life as a slave, Fredrick Douglass never thought that he would not only live on a free soil but will also be named among 100 greatest American Africans. The man who was himself born into slavery became the abolitionist of it in future. He was man with great knowledge, a social reformer, an orator and writer. Listening to his debates, it was hard to believe for people that he was once a slave.

These are just few examples in the world. There are many alike. All these examples demonstrate that good days always come. You just have to be uncomplaining because we are not living a permanent life. Who said life is just? From birth to death, man chases happiness and happiness does not come from easy work. It demands sacrifice pain and courage. Today, especially adults, does not really seem to be impressed by this life. Burden of work, study, job, family has depressed them and they accept that they have no other choice. Surely, ‘Life is not a bed of roses’ but at the same time they must remember ‘Life is not a bad of thrones either’.

Happy and sad moments are parts of life. It’s on us how we handle both phases. Getting dejected in every bad situation and losing hope is not a solution. Hence in every situation, one must remind himself of this proverb ‘Every dog has his day’. Everyone gets a chance eventually. Losing hope doesn’t make sense because life gives unexpected turns. No one knows what happens tomorrow hence all we need is to keep the faith alive always.