I will start my essay- government should focus on the current problems of today than on trying to solve the anticipated problems of tomorrow- with the following saying

‘Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries’

Most of us are wasting our today by thinking of tomorrow. When we think of tomorrow we get disillusioned by it, thinking; how it would be? What tensions would it bring? How would we solve those problems? an infinite loop of this, then and that. It is normal but not a good thing. Worrying takes up a lot of energy, supplies stress and especially when you worry about future in your present time you miss out a lot on many things present in front of you. There are so many things we let go off by just thinking about a simple statement ‘What if this happens’ and this question leads to many other complex probabilities that ruin the present too.

We can never predict future nor can we control it, but we have this misapprehension that if we can anticipate the future, it will benefit someway. Now come to the topic of the essay. Here we are discussing the government’s approach towards solving the problems. Simply speaking, the issue of governance. There is something in the mind of governments or leaders that it is their duty to predict the future and plan things accordingly. But I believe our performance and actions of today decides the future.

It is useless to spend all the time and mind on a good tomorrow when the present is opposite. The Government may not have the authority to find if the planned things would go out right tomorrow. But, it can certainly make future better by solving and getting rid of the problems it is facing today.

The basic purpose of a government is to ensure the welfare of the society which it governs. The topic explicitly states that government should focus on the current problems of today than on trying to solve the anticipated problems of tomorrow. I cannot agree more with this assertion as tomorrow is born out of today. If we focus our attentions on the current problems we can cure many problems in time. In this way, the problems could be nip in the bud, before they aggravate into incurable cancer. There is no doubt to the fact that government should anticipate the problems of the future and plan to solve it but focusing all the attentions on the future and ignoring your present is like letting an innocuous animal to grow into an untamable beast.

History brings testimony to the fact that those governments who fail to address the problems at hand and focus all the attentions on the days ahead render the best example of bad governance. The widespread problems of terrorism, poor literacy rate and the appalling quality of healthcare in Pakistan are cases in point. Take terrorism, for example, Pakistani government let the menace of terrorism go on for years without placing strong checks and convicting its perpetrators. As things stand today, Pakistan has suffered a great deal of human and economic loss due to the havoc wreaked by terrorists.

Same is the case with the abysmal standards of education and poor quality of health care where ordinary citizens have denied these basic human rights. Instead of focusing on these widespread issues, the government of Pakistan is constructing highways and industries to incorporate the traffic and production issues of the future. All these developments are taking place without the realization that if people are not healthy and literate enough to use the motorways and to serve as skilled labor to revolve the wheel of the industry, what kinds of benefits these developments would bring to the society?

Now let’s take a general problem into account, how can a country run behind progress by just focusing on planning and development of economic and technological development of the future whereas fifty percent of its people remain illiterate and discriminated? If these kinds of problems left unnoticed, it’s no less than a criminal neglect on the part of the government which will aggravate the existing problems in the near future.

On the contrary, those governments who seriously cater for the problems of today and provide the efficient solutions to them are attributed the status of good governance. Japan presents a great example in this regard. The Japanese government, after the devastation of Second World War, alienated from the world politics and focused on the internal development rather than becoming the fuel to hospitalities of already burning inferno of the cold war era. Japan is today described as the epitome of development and social welfare.

To wrap up the discussion, it is mandatory for every government to address the problems of today that its people are facing, in this way the people would have the necessary skill set and capabilities in improving their future. A balanced approach is always the best course of action and the topic of this essay also demands s a striking balance. The government should focus on future issues like global warming, social welfare, water problem but must not neglect the immediate problems of today because today is the time, to begin with, and if we neglect the problems of today, they will become bigger and bigger in future.