Writing is known to be the Achilles heels for most of the students. While there are petabytes of information available on this topic over the internet, but to find the quality material is no less than finding a needle in the haystack. Writing is a skill which you can master through practice in reading and writing. If you are struggling to find a launch pad for yourself, this post is a must read for you! We have gone through hundreds of online resources to compile a list of best free online courses which you can use to master the skill of writing.

How to Write an Essay by UC BERKELY

If you are weak at essay writing and find it hard to comprehend essay structure, to write a good introduction and to build an interesting thesis statement, this course is a must take for you. This course provides you a step by step guide to writing a well-structured essay.  All you need is to go to the course website, create a free account and follow the course outline.

Course website: How to Write an Essay

Adventures in Writing by Stanford Online

As its name suggests this course can truly be an adventure for an immature writer. This course offers you writing modules based on interactive graphic novels to help you learn the art of writing. The best part of this course is that it’s free and offered by one of the top notch universities in the world. So you need not spend thousands of dollars to be in an Ivy League classroom.

Course website: Adventures in Writing

English Composition by Arizona State University

Composition and the writing style are important parts of your writing as they are crucial to communicate your ideas and to express your thoughts. Thanks to this course you can learn not only about the writing process but also the skills like critical thinking, use of digital technologies and creativity to write efficiently.

Course website: English Composition

English Composition I by Duke University

English composition by Duke University is designed to prepare you for college writing. Its comprehensive course outline guides you about all aspects of composing a great piece of writing. It starts with teaching you how to improve your reading skills and takes you to the next steps of analyzing the topic, making outlines, evaluating others’ ideas, and developing effective arguments. The course is open to each and every student regardless of their educational background and existing writing skills. Go to the course website to learn more about course outline and its content.

Course website: English Composition I

Advanced Writing University of California, Irvine

If you think that you already have strong writing capabilities and looking for an advanced level course to take your writing skills to the next level then you can safely resort to this course. This course is designed in a way that it can help you plan and write sophisticated arguments, do research to develop your own opinion, read efficiently, and avoid plagiarism.

Course website: Advanced Writing

English writing can be crucial, especially, for the non-native students. These courses are free for everyone. These courses bring the classrooms of best universities to your laptops, tabs, phones and PCs so that you may learn anywhere at any time of your ease. Such a remarkable use of technology! You just need to register for the course and sign in to enroll in the course. We hope that you’ll get the maximum benefits out of this course and develop sound writing skills.