A perfect human being is not the one who does everything with accuracy but the one who makes mistake and learn from it. Making mistakes is what makes us human otherwise, we would have been angels. As long as we are humans we are destined to make mistakes. It’s a part of human nature because as much as we learn from experience, we learn from mistakes. Admitting your mistake is way better than regretting it your whole life.

Coming to the topic and the reason why I chose it. Just a few days back I was reading ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini and as soon as I finished, I realized that the book holds a profound message and lesson ‘The path to Redemption’. Redemption is one of the toughest things to do but once you do it you feel like you have accomplished something.  Who, on earth, likes making mistakes and then admitting it. We are humans and we are all aware of this saying ‘To err is human’.

We all do bad things, some intentionally and others unintentionally but what’s same about both is that realizing and admitting the mistake clears everything. Sometimes we do something, purposefully or accidentally, so wrong that we regret it our whole life but the book thoughts the lesson that ‘There is always a way to be good again’. No matter how big mistake you have made, there is each time a way to make things right.

Even if you move to paradise but are guilty of something, it will not let you live there too. Most of the time people get ahead with some immoral means but inside their conscience, the bad deed is never ready to get buried. Accepting a crime you commit that can even ruin your whole life is a sometimes better thing to do than to live your life in remorse just to save yourself from embarrassment.

For illustration, there was an essay competition in our school and a friend of mine won it. She earned high praises from teachers and whole school for her absolutely brilliant piece of essay. She liked being too much praised but deep inside she was not feeling very good. At the moment when she should be over the moon, she was somewhat jumbled or not so happy because she was guilty. Yes, she did plagiarize from the internet and now she was aware that she had done wrong to every person who wished good for her. It was hard to go in front of all who trusted her and tell the truth but easier than living in guilt. What’s next, she went up and confessed what otherwise she would have regretted all her life.

Once you recognize a mistake you try to avoid it next time. Some people believe that by accepting their mistakes in front of others, they will lose their worth, whereas, in reality, the one who does not feel shame while accepting his error sets an example for other.  Sometimes when you admit a mistake or crime, people praise you more for it than for your work.

So coming back to the story, this is what Amir, the main character does, in the movie to overcome his guilt. Self-forgiveness is the worst. You feel good when others forgive you for something but it’s a waste if you can’t forgive yourself for that. One time when he left his best friend in his worst time instead of helping, he realizes it soon but couldn’t gather the courage to accept his mistake. Although he moves to America but the guilt and shame in him are unable to leave him. But, the good part, he goes back to make things right when he gets the chance.

The story gives the moral that things can be made right any time but it’s on us, we all have to move forward and take actions otherwise our guilt will neither let us live nor others.  Feeling guilty is a good thing as it makes us realize our mistakes but obsessing about it and not take any action to remove it will only give more and more rise to bad feelings.

Last but not least, of course, the past can never be changed but at least we can do our best to compensate for our sins through good actions or deeds and can make our present and future good. And we are all aware of the saying, ‘’Better late than never’’.  Our past experiences and harsh realities of lives are what make us who we are today. Correcting ourselves and accepting our faults can be tough but the rewards are worth it.