Violence is the extreme form of human wrath and anxiety. It brings forth the worst of a person and depreciates him to the extent of the beasts who find no restraint to the use of force in order to dominate their opponents. In the similar manners, incompetent people, owing to their lack of competence, fail to achieve their goals. This failure causes intimidation and the incompetent resort to violence to escape failure and the resultant intimidation. On the other hand, competent people work with fortitude and dedicate all their energies for the realization of their dreams and aspirations. Competent people learn from their failures and avoid the mistakes which, at first place, obstructed them from achieving their goals.

While failure causes intimidation and insult for the incompetent, it teaches a lesson to the competent people. This difference in the demeanor of the two opposites differentiates the competent from the incompetent.

Incompetent people lacks tolerance, they tend to lose their senses in the wake of opposition and competition. Their ego and the false sense of pride amalgamate with envy and jealousy, a deadly combination, which make them oblivious from the reality. Incompetent people waste all their resources to oppress others not to persuade them in rallying behind their cause. They try to subjugate others by wreaking havoc in the society through terror and violence. When they find that they are losing strength to their opponents and fail to get the popular support from the masses, their killer instinct overcomes their mind and they take their last refuge in violence and oppression.

Dictatorship is the terrible illustration of this very mechanism. Despite all the notable differences in policies and governance apparatus, all the dictators and despots share a common inclination towards the use of force and its inevitability in the case of public pressure and peaceful protests for the popular demand of their rights and freedoms. On the contrary, democracy is a great example of a competent and robust form of government. Elected, democratic governments negotiate with the people through dialogues and debates. Democracy is built on the foundation of debate, dialogue, fundamental human

On the contrary, democracy is a great example of a competent and robust form of government. Elected, democratic governments negotiate with the people through dialogues and debates. Democracy is built on the foundation of debate, dialogue, fundamental human rights, and freedoms. It has no room for violence and illegal persecution of the opposition. It is incumbent upon the Democratic governments to ensure that a vocal and vibrant media thrive in their societies to act as a mouthpiece for the general public. Media highlight the public grievances and democratic governments, instead of persecuting the free media, as done by the autocratic and dictatorial regimes, respect the public opinion and find ways to guarantee that the public aspirations are respected at all times.

It’s not just incompetent dictators who resort to violence in the wake of serious opposition from the masses on the streets. Violence is also permeated in the streets in the form of gang wars and street crimes. Let’s first analyze the scenario of a gang war. Street gangs- full of psychopaths, perverts, and junkies, not only indulge in illegal activities but destroy the social fabrication of the society, are the perfect description of utterly incompetent entities. When a gang faces opposition from a rival group they use every modicum of strength, money, power and influence to dominate their opponent. They can’t negotiate, they can’t make peace and they can’t share a working space which brings them to their last resort, violence. Mexican drug wars and the rise and fall of the notorious Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar is a case in point.

In the similar fashion, criminals are the rejected section of the society who destroy the peace and perturb the ordinary citizens with their violent practices. Criminals use force to gain material benefits- they snatch others’ belongings, they kill for money and break laws to achieve their goals. If they were competent, they would not have resorted to illegal and violent practices for a few dollars.

History brings a testimony to the fact that violence is the last resort of the incompetent. The persecution of Nicolas Copernicus and Galileo Galilei due to their denial of the widespread belief of the church that earth is the center of the universe and all other planets, even sun, revolve around it, serves as a perfect example of this phenomenon. Copernicus put forward the heliocentric theory, according to which not earth but the sun is the center of our galaxy. Both of these scientists faced severe circumstances and were subjected to violence when the status quo miserably failed to denounce the scientific prudence and logic behind heliocentrism.

Another heinous form of violence is domestic violence. Domestic violence is also perpetrated by the incompetent people who give in to frustration and anxiety in the wake of failure. They fail to materialize their aspiration and blame others for their own incompetence. Such people make the life not only of themselves but also their parents, children and wife miserable. They beat their children owing to some innocuous mistakes which bring a smile on the faces of the competent parents. They put a deaf ear to the advice of their loved one and consider it a synonym for mockery and degradation. This situation is grave enough, especially in the under-developed and developing countries.

A common example of such a scenario, can easily be observed in the subcontinent, is a man who is reported unfit to have children, by the medical tests, blame his wife for his incompetency and indulge in practices of polygamy and domestic violence. A mother who, naturally, can’t control his son after marriage gives in to envy and jealousy. This jealousy makes her the most incompetent person who indulges in the negative propaganda and ruin the peace of her own house.

Last but not the least, the terrorist organizations, who fail to motivate people to rally behind their ideology, resort to violent activities to inculcate fear and to subjugate the common citizens. In a stark contrast to terrorists, competent people preach their cause to the people by describing the common good and social welfare behind these causes. Who can deny the role of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Malala Yosufzai in denouncing violence and use nothing but a peaceful approach toward positive reform, civil liberties and social upheaval of the downtrodden and rejected sections of the society? On the other hand, their opponents-human rights violators, Apartheid government of South Africa and the Taliban, respectively, did not have any counter arguments. Their incompetency acts as a hindrance to stop the peaceful revolution of the competent people and what remain their last resort is nothing but violence.

There are various factors which make a person incompetent. The most common are a lack of patience, a paucity of knowledge, wisdom and intellect and an obsession towards his goals. Passion is a positive attribute but there is a thin line between passion and obsession. When passion turns into obsession, man’s senses start eroding. He fails to tell right from wrong and in pursuit of his obsession his conscience doesn’t strike him when he indulges in violence and harms his fellow human beings. He stars seeing everyone with a jaundiced eye and engenders conspiracy theory which gives rise to an extremist schadenfreude- one who seeks pleasure from the suffering of others. Under such circumstances, a man turns into a beast, an activist into an extremist, a politician into a rebel, and a freedom fighter into a hate monger terrorist.

All have one common element which is incompetency and this incompetency engender violence in the society.