Blaming long distances for not interacting with each other is just an excuse to avoid another person in today’s world. Social networking sites provide many artistic ways to connect with other people. Not only messaging or talking, but photos, videos and just uploading a status simply informs your loved ones about your ongoing doings. Despite countless benefits, social media provides, like all other things they are not free of pitfalls too.

It would not be wrong to say that these addictive social media sites have turned a generation of healthy youth into insensitive zombies. At one hand where these sites have strengthened relationships, they have played the greatest role in fomenting distances too. These sites of connection have become a source of isolation for many.

These sites might have made things little too easy for people but for some these sites are becoming difficult to handle. I absolutely agree with Kristine Batcho, Lemoyne College Professor of Psychology’ who while discussing the negative effects of social media once said, “The greater fear of these sites perhaps is that kids are not learning how to behave in a face-to-face conversation,” How exact is this. When a three years old is using YouTube at pace then it is unfair to complain to a 13 years old for not talking to other kids and staying lost in the digital dorm.

In this 21st century, it’s safe to say that we are not using technology, we are living it. The way we have endorsed ourselves in it is adversely affecting our relationships. People today are more connected to one another but now more than ever we are living in solitude. We spend more time online and less in making interpersonal relations. At the time where we are making new friends on Facebook, we are losing the real life friends. Not wrong to say that we attend events physically but absent mentally. We pass more than half the time of an event in taking pictures and uploading stuff on social media websites.  We prefer to talk to people who are not with us to those who are sitting right next to us.

Ever wonder why we are so attracted to social media? Ever wanted to know what’s the use of putting food pictures or check-ins every time? Ever thought why we upload statuses of every little thing? Why are we tagging our friends online when we are, in reality, with them? This is something to consider that why we are always posting even when we are with the family. Why is it that we have time to appreciate nature through pictures on Facebook but not enough to go out and experience the marvelous nature for a while?

Demeaning does not only mean to say something bad to someone’s face but today this thing is mostly done through these social media sites. Social media, the sites created for communication, has become the absolute platform of showoffs. While posting stuff for fun, we do not realize that it might demean or hurt someone. It’s a fact that for a majority of people, the life they portray on social media is totally different from the real one. But why do we do that? What benefit do we get by pretending to be someone we are not? Whatever we do, we do to satisfy ourselves. And it is the same case for media too maybe, that just to overcome our low self-esteem, we are hiding our real selves behind a screen and letting people mistake us for being someone they should admire. In the point of just proving ourselves trendy, we forget that we might be making someone feel depressed or bad through our posts.

Another pitfall of these sites is that it has become difficult to differentiate between sincere and timely friends. The same people who are the first to like or comment on your photos might have been talking, about it, behind your back. The whole state of posting your personal life online is like that we want to prove something as we desperately want to make people believe in something.

Just like the competition in this real world today, there is a competition going on social sites too. Just like people are competing for money in the real world, they are doing the same for likes and comments on social sites. It’s so deplorable to see people judging you on the basis of your account. For example, you are boring if you are not posting continuously, you have no friends if you are not posting pictures with them or tagging them etc. These sites make us believe that we know people than we really do.

We make a check on our phone all the time just in fear that we don’t miss anything when in reality due to it we are missing out on so many things. Although social media keep us aware of our surrounding and keep us in touch with our friends, it can never trade with personal communications and shared memories. No matter how many new friends we make on social media, nothing can replace real-life friends with whom we gossip on a cup of coffee and share our emotions and personal experiences.

No matter how many beautiful types of scenery we admire or share on our accounts, nothing can replace the experiences of staring at the sky, trees, and nature. Pictures and just written words are not enough, sometimes, to describe your mental state. What you need to do is put down your phones, get out of your rooms, sit under the open sky, admire nature and talk to your friends or family in real.

Life is too precious to waste your time sitting in a dark room, lost in the digital world of your phones. Go out! Spend time with your parents, talk to your friends, celebrate birthdays with your loved ones not just by wishing them online but cutting a cake and cracking jokes at each other, take flowers to the diseased and inquire about their health in person, share the joy of your friends by singing and dancing with them on the happy occasion and wipe their tears in times of distress and sorrows. This is Life and it’s a precious gift.