Essay writing is a skill which demands an analytical mind and critical evaluation of the underlying topic. Essays are the vibrant medium to communicate your thoughts and express ideas to a wider audience. A strong command of essay writing cannot only gain you good grades but it can also pave your way to building a rewarding career as a writer. Many a student struggles when it comes to essay writing. There are no shortcuts to learning the art of essay writing; practice and reading are the keys to being an adroit writer. Nevertheless, practice based on quality guidelines can significantly improve the essay writing skill in a short span of time. If you are terrified by the thoughts of essay writing and keen to acquire this skill, this post is a must-read for you!

It all starts with an Introduction

Be it writing or debating, the starting and closing lines are all that help you win. Want to know if the audience or teacher liked your Essay or not? Just look at their reaction they give after the introductory paragraph. The opening sentences are something that either engages your audience in or make them move on to next. Just like in debating they say ‘your start should be attention-getter so that your audience does not sleep during your speech’, same is the case with writing. Whether it is an article or an essay, attention-catching lines make people open it. After you have succeeded in getting your audience’s attention, congratulations! Now they will not stop reading. This is why the analogy of hook is used for the opening sentences of your essay as a strong hook keeps the readers stick to your essay.

What’s next? After you are done with connecting your onlookers with your written piece, proceed with the introduction of the topic. You may do it in the following manners.

  1. Define the term in a brief manner.
  2. Give a little history of the thing you are talking about.
  3. Write about how people see it in today’s world as compared to the past.

Next, Comes the Thesis Statement

Alright now as you are done with the introduction, next comes one of the most important parts of an essay which is the ‘thesis statement’. What is it? This is the place where people understand that why the essay is actually worth reading. The thesis statement is one of the methods of forming a strong essay. The thesis statement is the point where your audience understands author’s main idea. One of the benefits of a good thesis statement is that it would develop more concentration in the reader for the rest of the essay. To create a good impact on the readers and to become a good writer, it is necessary to focus on it and make a firm thesis statement.  A thesis statement includes both your topic and main ideas in two to three lines.

Body of the Essay

A powerful thesis statement is followed by the body of the essay. After you have provided your audience with the main idea in your thesis statement, the body of the essay demands that now you provide some supporting sentences for the main idea. A good essay contains two to three supporting paragraphs with supporting examples in each.

Finally the Conclusion

As said in the beginning, two things ‘starting and closing’ makes an essay either worth reading or boring. After the introduction, thesis statement and body comes the concluding paragraph. Use more vivid sentences than ‘in conclusion, at the end or I conclude by’. You must be very clever in your conclusion because these are some of the lines that will leave an impression on the audience as this is specifically what your reader will remember when they have finished reading. Do not summarize the whole essay, you must be clever to make your audience remember what you talked about above in three to four lines. Secondly, it’s better to link the concluding paragraph with the introductory.

Many writers prefer thesis statement at the end and there is no wrong in it. Instead of restating your points, you can also stress the importance of your thesis statement. Your readers should feel a sense of completeness and should be compelled to agree to whatever you said, that’s when you have done your job right.

Some Tips to write a well-structured Essay

It is said that for writing a good essay, you should grab some of the important techniques and do not forget it while writing. Some of the useful tips are

  • It is better to use more descriptive words than too easy or too difficult words so that the audience does not get frustrated pronouncing difficult words.
  • One simple tip is that one should practice more active voice than passive as it is considered influential for an essay.
  • While writing, the writer should also be aware of all the negative points of his essay topic so that by putting them he can make a concrete assertion and strong support for his point.
  • Always restate your points in the conclusion so that your audience can recall all that you said and do not doubt your strong position.
  • The last thing is recheck. Put the paper down, get up, walk a little and take rest. Come back refreshed after a while, pick up your essay paper and go over it. The enliven mind will help you in sighting mistakes like grammar, punctuation or spelling.
  • Parallel structure in writing is one of the most important things. If you are not following parallelism, you are writing unbalanced sentences that make the reader get frustrated while reading.