There is a belief held by many people that, in today’s modern era, there is no place for emotions. But before passing a judgment on anything we must take into account the whole understanding of the phenomena. I read somewhere ‘Emotions make a person weak’ but it is a half-truth. Maybe our emotions, sometimes, hold us back from doing something or put us into a confusing state but we must also comprehend that these same emotions often assist us in finding a better solution.

Emotions are what make us humans. Something without emotions is a synonym for non-living.

No human is ever born entirely decent or evil. Like a coin, a human has two sides too:  positive or negative. It is totally up to man to choose the side he wants. Similarly, in every human there exist two kinds of emotions: positive or negative. If a man wants to do the correct use of his emotions, he must first recognize and categorize them.  For example, caring is the greatest of all emotions. About caring, the assumption is that it makes an individual weak but today’s irony is that it is the lack of caring for one another that is making this world an absolute wicked place for living.

One of the examples is the ongoing situation in Rohingya, Myanmar.  The Muslim minority of Myanmar is fleeing the country to save their lives from the attacks of the Buddhist-majority country’s Army. The country’s leaders look isolated and uncaring in this matter.  If only -before taking the decision of launching the clearance operation and wiping Rohingyas out-the government of Myanmar uses the emotion of caring for the old and the young alike, the situation would have been the reverse. The Innocent people along with their old parents and children are forced to live in IDPs (Internally Displaced People) camps without access to food, shelter, water, healthcare, and education. In this scenario, the government and the leaders of the country only seem to adopt one emotion: hatred.

On the other hand, the same emotion ‘caring’, if used justly, can change the world.  It was Abdul Sattar Edhi’s caring emotion and concern for the needy and poor that turned him from the poorest man- with only two clothes and one room home-into the richest man.

Emotions are very powerful. They often shape one’s behavior. They have the power to change not only a person’s thinking but full personality. If a person gives up the emotions like hate, jealousy, greed, and sadness and embraces the positive emotions like gratification, care, kindness, hope, and love, he can totally become a new person.  Without emotions, our lives would have been colorless.

Picture the life of an emotionless person. Imagine if a person is born without both negative and positive emotions. How he would live his life? Like a computer or robot maybe- not caring, not struggling, not enjoying and not fighting- just working. How lackluster! Not brain but in reality, these are our emotions that tell us what we should do next, how we should respond to conditions further.

Our emotions are in our hands. Every person has the ability to change his emotion e.g. it’s not impossible to change our sadness into happiness, our hates into loves. It is our responsibility to use our emotions in the right way and prevent ourselves from being controlled by certain emotions like sadness and jealousy. Our emotions will always remain with us no matter wherever we are born and wherever we go, it is our duty to learn to deal with uncomfortable emotions.

In this modern era, displaying your emotions is often considered weak and not upright but in reality, your emotions can become your strength if you are properly aware of them. You can also use your emotions as a key to achieving success in both professional and personal life if you take control of them instead of letting them control you.