George Washington once said,

     ‘To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace’

In this 21st century peace, clearly, has emerged out as one of the most wanted things. Every single person out in the world desire for peace as it brings prosperity and stability. Be it about financial stability, economic prosperity, regional happiness, or an individual’s thriving, nothing can be achieved without peace. America is a financially prosperous rich county but the disharmony among the people of different skins and religion make the country less peaceful. The political instability, ignorant leaders, outside threats make the majority of the Middle East not much serene. The never-ending tensions between neighboring countries like India and Pakistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan, India, and China and North and South Korea do not let the citizens live in peace.

The craving for peace is not new but it has always persisted. Human history is full of wars. There was a time where there was no certain ruling authority and people used to live in chaos. Somehow, with many killings and bloodshed, that ignorant era passed. Then came a time when monarchs used to have authority over everything and people were considered no less than slaves. The injustice gave rise to many revolutions and violent movements by protestors. With each passing era, humans started becoming less ignorant and more mature. Now, humans have entered the era where they are no weaker to be made puppets. They are educated enough to know that the world’s stability is linked to every state’s peace only.

About war, it is always said that ‘It is an inevitable thing’. In recent time, the world has become nothing but modern with people becoming more informed and responsible citizens with the help of mystic technology, but in terms of Wars and conflicts, it is just like the old one or can say more daring. And this is the irony of the current world; people are more educated, satisfied, and evolved than the past but a dangerous event like war still has a place in this modern world. For instance, the Syrian War has now prolonged the atrocious World War 2. The Israel/Palestinian conflict is as long as their creations. Pakistan/India has never gotten along well and Kashmir, even after more than 70 years, remains disputed.

The difference between the past and current is only that a lot of countries today possess nuclear powers to resist wars but the less powerful remain the prey. India and Pakistan, the fuming neighbors are always busy in the nasty war of words but it is highly unlikely for them to go for an actual War. If there is some rest among these mad enemies, it is due to their nuclear-armed possessions.

None of them can think of entering the war as it would prove risky for not only one but both sides. Both sides are fully prepared for the counter-attack and hence there is little to none chance of War.

If entering the war risks existence of both sides, they would certainly stay away from it

In recent times, the world witnessed too much acrimony between North Korea and America with both countries leaders threatening each other of total destruction but the world knew that they were just words, not actions. America is a strong nuclear power and, on the other side, North Korea is capable of strong nuclear and missile programs- which means that both countries are fully prepared for the event like War. North Korea and the USA show the perfect example of ‘Preparedness for War is essential for preserving Peace’.

Now if we take the example of Israel and Palestine, the scenario is totally different. Israel is a powerful well-equipped nation with all the modern gadgets and artilleries whereas Palestine is a weak state who has no option but to become prey to the aggression of the potent state like Israel. If only Palestine today had everything to match Israel, Israel would have thought many times before waging a war on it.

Even history has shown us that the powerful states have always managed to take advantage of weak nations either by seizing their units or harming them e.g. America and Japan provide us with the perfect example in this situation. America can never think of bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki again like it did in history because Japan is not like before anymore. It has, if not more, become equally powerful and developed.

The organization like UNO was specifically formed for the protection of every state and to bring the world closer to each other. But what we see today is different. Every nation has the right to speak of their problems there but not every state has the power to implement their desires. For instance, only five countries have the authority to reject or accept any decision made in the Security Council. Why are the conflicts of countries like Syria and Palestine not getting resolved? Because every time a decision is to be made, these five countries obstruct it for no reason, and hence it fails. The sad part is that there, in the UN too, is the absence of balance of power. It is better for weak countries to not depend on any organization but make their selves such resilient that other states think before plotting anything against them.

No one knows the value of peace until and unless they have to struggle for it. Never ever states like Syria, Palestine, Yemen, or other war-torn countries would have thought of the time they are living in today and hence never prepared for it. In the only way, the world could have lived peacefully is if all countries were equal in every sense. As soon as one country became dominant with powerful weapons and utensils, other countries had to follow it. It’s not like you have to stay violent all the time, it only means that you stay prepared for all kinds of eventualities. As there is this famous saying, ‘Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst’. 

Another message this phrase holds is that Balance of Power is necessary to survive in today’s world. The world is a mess today; it’s difficult for a weak nation to survive on this planet. All the nations are required to be prepared for any kind of hostilities to preserve the peace of their lands. Because, if one nation is prepared, the other would think 100 times before harming them.