In the list of many things without which men cannot live today in this progressive world, money clearly takes the lead. Technology might have made life easier but, on the same hand, the world is becoming far too expensive with it. The world is progressing with each passing moment but ironically humans are struggling to live a peaceful life.

A person’s lifestyle, desires, respect, and opportunities, everything is linked to the amount of money he owns. If you pay close attention to reality, money nowadays has become the key that can open every gate for you.

The richer you are, the more opportunities you get. The more you have money, the more you become respected in society.  The more you earn money, the more you become independent.  Money has become an essential element in today’s life.

People usually advocate that money is not everything to live a satisfying life. But in reality, they think the opposite too as Loy Machedo describes a similar scenario in one of his stories too.  In his story on ‘Money is Everything’ on his site Medium, Machado writes, ‘The church I went to pray to, the Priest, the Clergy, the Catechists and all the Church Members told me, ‘’Money is not everything.”

Yet every single person would pray “Give us this day our daily bread.”

I would hear people pray for a better job; better salary, better promotion, better life, and everything else to make their lives ‘financially’ better.

Oh and the best part — the Priest would request us to ‘dig deep for Jesus’ and contribute ‘MONEY’ for Jesus & spreading the word.

The writer writes that with every growing moment, he found that this world is swamped with only those who had money. Be it about studying, graduating, traveling, meeting rich people or getting married, everything demands money.

What more good money could have done than replacing the centuries-old barter system? Long long ago when money was not designed, people used this barter system- a method of exchanging goods and services for other goods and services. Poor people had to give up one thing to buy the other. But, fortunately, today people have gotten a medium of exchange in the form of money. Money certainly makes life not only easier but worth living too. One should ask the value of it from those who don’t have access to it. Poverty kills poor people on a daily basis. No matter more or less, money makes a beggar’s face shine every time he acquires it. Money helps a person overcome so many difficulties.

But the world depicts a different scenario at present. Today, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer with each passing while. Even in the 21st century, the idea of classless society remains a myth. For the rich, money has become more of a status than necessity. There is no balance in the society. At the place where for poor even a note of a hundred rupees is enough, the rich spend thousands on needless things. Instead of providing essentials to the homeless, the rich are using the money to make their influence in society. Money has become a source of respect too. The upper class with the greatest amount of money holds the greatest respect in society whereas the middle and lower have to struggle day and night for this kind of life. The poor have to make a choice between either feeding their kids or sending them to school.

The pursuit and acquisition of money is a good thing but mad-pursuit is dangerous.

The pursuit and acquisition of money is a good thing but over-pursuit is dangerous. Too much hunt and love for money usually blind a person and then his whole life only revolves around it. He forgets his moral values and the interest of society and whatever he does; he does it for his own sake mostly. He gives priority to his own vision above the vision of his fellow citizens. The leaders and politicians serve as best examples of it. Before being elected, every candidate makes so many promises and agreements, but as soon as they get picked out, they forget everything and mostly they spend on themselves rather than on their country. Too much possession obscures their visions regarding fair-play.

The above is true for many other posts too. As it is said, ‘With more power comes more responsibility’. This is specifically true for politicians, lawyers, teachers other police officers. But as we see, two of the major diseases destroying the nations are bribery and corruption. And, unfortunately, both are very prevalent in the above departments now a day. To make their names extraordinary, they only deal with those who own greater money. For instance, it’s very wretched today to see how judiciaries work in many parts of the world. It’s very hard for a poor person to stand a chance in court because either he doesn’t get a good representative due to being poor or the opponent is so rich and powerful to be defeated.  Many a time their cases and appeals are not even heard in courts. For decades, the poor have to fight and visit magistrates for their cases to be heard, whereas the rich owns so much money that he can easily access to any big attorney or arbiter for the issue.

Similarly, doctors work day and night to save lives, but it’s also a reality that healthcare is too expensive to afford in many countries. Like the rich, the poor want to be treated by the best in town. But, the irony is that even hospitals are divided into classes. The best hospitals where much-trained surgeons and doctors work are so expensive that they only can be afforded by the rich. Whereas, the hospitals made for poor that saves them a lot of money does not contain too many facilities. Corruption and nepotism exist there too. Doctors prefer their acquaintances to be treated first and better than those poor waiting in lines. Sometimes, the doctors continue shifting the patient from one place to the other because of not being able to pay full dues, and in this segment, only the patient suffers.

Seeing the above state of the affair, what the poor should do than desiring a lot of money. Seeing how much importance money holds, the poor start running behind it. Their only craving becomes the attainment of money. In this race, they usually forget the difference between right and wrong and that is how a dishonest society starts emerging. To them, nothing seems fair or unfair in the game of money. It will help them live a good life in the future. But this is not true. Everything attained through unfair means never give you serenity. Doing justice to yourself by doing wrong to others is of no significance. Even GOD asks every human to keep striving for better always, but there is always a way of doing things. A man should always do hard-work to acquire money and that effort should be done in a genuine, rightful way. But, while making money one must take care that it does not become his top-priority and make him blind. His prime concern should always be caring for the privileges of his fellow individuals.