There is this famous proverb:
‘You reap what you sow’

The proverb simply states the fact of life that you sooner or later meet the consequences of what you do; you don’t study-you fail, you sin- you get punished, etc. There will be many things in life that we attain without striving for them.  For example, many times students get passed without studying, people get a job without preparing for the interview and a greater reward for little work. And in most of the cases, we define these happenings as ‘luck’.

There are two kinds of people present in this world; one who works today to secure their future and those who only live for their present and don’t worry about the future. The latter are those who let time decide their tomorrows. 

But history has always shown us that a successful future is only made through today’s work.

Be it an individual or a nation, everything present on earth made its way towards progress by dreaming of the aim first. Dreaming is like the first step in attaining a certain goal and working for it is the second and final step. Having a dream is vital but a positive attitude and willpower to make it true are more important. No matter how hard the situation becomes, one needs to stay focused and keep chasing it. That’s when he decides his future. If at any point you are unable to focus on your dreams further, note that it’s actually not your dream.

Tomorrow’s Success is Achieved through Today’s Efforts

For example, Martin Luther King’s speech, ‘I have a dream’ was not merely a speech but a vision and a legacy that is still being transferred to every generation. Martin Luther dreamed of a future, marched for it, and then extended his vision to others. Today, his dream is at the lips of every American and they know how to work for it. The rights that Black Americans hold today in America are all due to King’s guidance and struggle of citizens behind it.

No country on earth got independence by chance. With the independence of every nation, a hero got birth too- the one who was behind this triumph. For instance Pakistan; the country was not born on its own but there were heroes behind it who dreamt for it day and night and worked on it for years. They struggled and passed on the dream to its people and that’s how they attained the goal. The same goes for every other nation. Without those dreams, no one would have known the steps for the movement.

Malaysia and Singapore serve as the finest examples in this regard. The two states are not very old. Malaysia got itself liberated from British rule in 1963 whereas Singapore separated itself two years later- in 1965. Malaysia like all other states at its independence was a weak nation with a weak economy whereas today both Malaysia and Singapore are known as finest economies in the region.  Muhammad Mahathir – the still serving president of Malaysia transformed the country after years of its independence by swiftly reforming it and boosting the weak economy. Similarly, he provided his people with the idea that only the social wellbeing of citizens can take a nation to new heights. He dreamt for it and turned the country into a free market and today the country outshines all other countries in the region. Today the whole country and citizens know how to maintain this position. Similar was the case with Singapore- a third world country at the time of independence but with dreams and goals- it turned itself into a powerful nation.

Every work even a startup needs direction. No one has ever achieved an objective solely with luck, the focus on the goal, and the hard work behind it define the destiny. For example, there was no shortcut for Newton’s work. He changed the world through his groundbreaking discoveries and gave people the angle to see the world through a different lens. He provided us with laws through which we can understand how the universe unfolds itself.

Although many Asian states got the blessing of being a separate state through toil and sweat of its heroes but are lagging behind in terms of financial stability. Economic growth defines the prosperity of a country. If they need to make a mark like Singapore and Malaysia in the world, then they need leaders like those too- someone with proper vision and fortitude.

Summing up this essay with Edison’s thoughtful and beautiful quote, ‘If I fail ten thousand times then I’ve learned ten thousand ways in which things won’t work’. Edison, the inventor of a tool that diminished darkness from the lives of humans, first fantasized it and then worked in every single way to make it a reality rather than leaving it after the first letdown.