Stephen R. Covey once beautifully wrote;

“Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be and he will become as he can and should be.”

This is the hard reality of life that man forgets bad experiences sooner or later but not bad words. Words hold such a power that leaves a long-lasting effect on the listener. If they are good, they will motivate the person to do more and if they are bad they will make him think over it for hours and months or years. In both ways, it will lead man to rationality.  There will be very few people in the world who know how to take criticism positively and lightly. Similarly, there will be some who know how to provide critiques in a good way.  Both play a part in shaping things.

People mostly feel safe where they are respected and praised. For instance, a student will always admire or take courses from the instructor who appreciates him or her. Between a mother and a father, a child will be more attached to the one who encourages him/her. Just like the heart, the brain gets more drifted towards where it gets appreciation. There are some places where even after so many opportunities and luxuries, the heart feels tired. However, it can survive happily even in a small society if it finds support there. The same goes for the human brain. It follows the places where it finds esteem and freedom.

Humans have it in nature. They work for a reward. And unfortunately, the majority of people stop doing a particular thing if they don’t get a good response through it. But there will be very few who will take it as a challenge and will turn the tables.

Humans work for recognition; everyone wishes to be recognized through their work. 

Humans are inherently fond of appreciation

The world today is witnessing so many young enthusiastic souls becoming prey to disease like depression and low self-esteem.  Their brains never feel relaxed; it is always occupied with too many thoughts. The reason might be that even after working for days and nights, giving it’s all to the particular work, living up to all the requirements and expectations, they do not get the kind of reward and gratitude they deserve.  Another reason can be that, under the pressure of society, they are forced to work for something they have no interest in. Whatever the reason may be, the discomfort in life occurs due to the dissatisfaction of our brains. The inefficiency of the brain affects the person as a whole. He loses the strength of thinking, acting and working. On the other hand, if a person’s brain is always fed with good words and positive thoughts, then he can do wonders.

Every person is in a race of making his future stable. The thirst of being successful and stable even makes a person leaves his/her soil. No matter how much patriotic a person is, if he is given a chance to move to a land of opportunities, he will not take a minute. Per month countless students for good studies and youngsters in search of a job from around the world move to countries like America. It’s not that there are not good universities or jobs in their homelands, but they move there because they get appreciation there. There they get the atmosphere which their brain desires; a sense of freedom, tolerance, admirations, high pays and most of all respect. They and their brains feel welcomed there.

The world reminisces the renowned scientist from Pakistan Dr. Abdus Salam for his countless contributions to the world of physics and mathematics. He was born in India but the separation made his family move to Pakistan.  Pakistanis take his name with pride as he was the first Pakistani to win a prestigious award like Nobel Prize in physics. Although Pakistanis never get tired of bragging about the accomplishments of their patriotic scientist, the truth is that they never honored him in his life as he deserved. That is why he had to leave his homeland and move to another country. He faced security issues, his rights as a citizen were not being granted and above all his own country made him feel like an outsider. He belonged to a sect which the constitution of Pakistan declared a non-Muslim community.  

It’s unfortunate that the person who gave Pakistan so much is unknown to many there. One thing he received from his beloved country was rejection. He went on to live in London as he felt safe there. He felt satisfied there because he got recognition, his work was valued and appreciated and above all, he was revered in that country. That country knew that a brain of that caliber needs to be cherished not denounced.

Hence our brains prefer places where they feel a sense of security. Humans like to move to a place where their rights are being protected and where they are given some status. Be it a teacher, writer, police officer or an intellectual,  he likes to shift to a place where he is not discouraged but appreciated for his work. Even a little discouragement leads to disbelief and doubt.

It is beautifully said that if u want a happy life, make sure your brain is happy. New research by Shawn Achor reveals that gratitude physically changes your brain. He did research in which he found that if managers of companies even praise and recognize only one employ once a day for straight 21 days then there is a 31% higher level of productivity which is great. This is how appreciation changes the functioning of your brain.

Summarizing the whole topic, one must be appreciated for things he does no matter how small they are. Even the admiration and appreciation of small extent can motivate a person to work better because progress is linked with the appreciation a person receives.