The phenomena of war are as old as this world. There would be no place on earth where no war has been fought ever. The extent of the war may vary from place to place but it is something inevitable as history has shown.  As biologist E.O Wilson says, ‘Human evolution has been defined by conflict’. Humans are always hungry by nature. They are always seen running behind more and more and when they can’t get it through negotiation and possible solutions, they restore to violence. As long as there is life, there are clashes.

Although war is inevitable, it is not always justified. No matter what solid reasons a person cites in its defense, war is an evil thing and the results are always horrifying. Whys and wherefores given by every person for war are different. Some fight in self-defense, some fight for their rights, some for their countries, some for political reasons and some only in resentments.

As William James once wrote, ‘History is a bath of blood’. Human history is full of accounts related to war. The influence of those tales can easily be seen and heard in today’s world too. Most of the countries are the result of too many sacrifices in the form of torture, executions, mass-murders, killings, separations, and migrations. But one cannot call those wars groundless. For instance, the war fought by the Subcontinent against the British rule was fought for their land and to throw the foreign powers away. In short, any war fought for the protection of civilians, for their basic rights and freedom is justifiable. Similarly, wars fought against evil things like terrorism, racism and corrupt powers are also defensible because these kinds of wars are fought against the specific groups, it benefits the civilians and they don’t have to sacrifice their lives for the personal gain of others.

If we talk in terms of major wars like World War 1 then many reasons can be cited for its happening however if we study the events that led to it none can be justified. The World War 1 era is filled with nothing but misperceptions, misconceptions, lack of sympathies regarding the other, misunderstandings of intentions and characters; in short no one knew that a war is on its way.  All the decisions made at that time were made in fear and in anger and loyalty. The assassination of one crown king became the reason of slaughters of millions of innocent humans and damage of their countries. One little event turned into a global war as more and more allied powers started joining in. Now why this war is not justified because every side involved became increasingly hungry in their quest to win which resulted into an extreme waste of human life- the waste of children, young, old who had no idea about what is happening.

The deepening threat of terrorism, extremism and bitter national rivalries have made it an enforced thing for states to always stay prepared for war and fighting. For that purpose, we see too many nations hold possession of nuclear weapons. Many have formed foreign military bases on the soil of other countries in the name of self-interest and defense. If those military bases are formed for defense purposes then it is moral however all the bases formed for economic gains, territorial gains and personal interests do not do justice.

This generation is a witness of too many proxy wars. But not even one person is ready to defend the war in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Kashmir or Palestine. Why? Because no one is seeing any sign of improvements in those places and even no symbols of if those wars are ever going to end or not.

The only difference is that today wars are being fought for personal benefits and grudges and emotions like religion and nationalism are being used as tools for it. Almost every religion in the world advocates for reconciliation. For instance, Christianity says that war can be fought if the motives behind it are pure. Islam, on the other hand, too permits fighting in self-defense, for the protection of faith and fundamental rights. Similarly, it also forbids a fighter from harming citizens and destroying the surroundings.

To become an ally or side with the wrong one just because you are friends with them or you find profits in it is also unpardonable. In every way, the war-seeking leaders are letting their people die to create their hegemon.

People involved in war either kill the other person or gets killed. Hence to call the war a win-lose situation is never right because even the winning side gains victory by losing a lot. Whether a war is justified or not can only be known by looking towards the consequences rather than the present. If a war does more good for a person or nation than harm then it can be vindicated. However, violence should always be put at the end. It should be considered as the last resort in any matter. Anyone can fight; the real landslide is when you achieve what you desire without spreading bloodshed.

Sitting in our warm houses, it is definitely an easy task to say that wars have become necessary for survival. But the intensity and consequences of war are known by only the soldiers who fight or civilians who suffer. It is not easy to wipe it away but one can definitely play its positive part by not justifying or supporting it in any condition. One can take steps towards reducing its extent, frequency, and ferocity by raising their voices against it and against those who find wars the only option in resolving conflicts. Concluding the topic; ‘War is hell’ and heaven can never be formed next to hell.