It is a tragedy of today’s life that we judge people on appearances. Good looks have become an important criterion in today’s world for standing up to any expectation. Poverty and appearance are two factors that serve as the greatest hindrance in a person’s success. Your body often overshadows your mind. Most people associate a person with their physical bodies. It does not matter to anyone what’s happening in your life as far as your body appears healthy and fine. But in reality, a human is much more than a piece of bone. More than on bones, humans rely on their minds.

It is your brain in reality that makes you ‘YOU’ not your body.  According to John Locke’s Memory Theory of Personal Identity, ‘What makes you ‘you’ is the memory of your experiences’.

Your peace of mind, healthy and active brain is what keeps your bones and body fit. Your physical body might be important for working but without a mindful brain, you cannot do any work. It has been researched that even before you are born, it is the brain that controls your body’s functions and interacts with the world. We talk about health issues, heart issues, and body issues on a regular basis but the issues related to brains get discussed very rarely and on very small scales. We do not think it is important enough to discuss the wellbeing of our minds and brains. However, the care of the brain is the most important because a healthy brain proves good for the heart and overall health.

Stephen Hawking was one living example of how an active brain can make you do wonders. Stephen Hawking- a famous scientist- through his groundbreaking discoveries proved that your brain can transcend even your disabilities. At a very early age, he was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and got admitted to the hospital. Slowly, he started losing his voice, his body control and became dependent on others. Despite all the hurdles, Stephen Hawking did wonders. Hawking’s radiation theory shocked the entire scientific world. For his accomplishments, he was also awarded Albert Einstein Award in 1932, In 2007, Hawking was given the opportunity to experience an environment without gravity. Although his disease confined him to a wheelchair, he gave voice to his ideas through his brain.

Similarly, it was Einstein’s force of thoughts that made him Einstein. He became a genius because of his brainpower. It was his intelligence, perseverance, and capabilities that made him capable of changing the world.

Our bones, our physical bodies remain the same but it is the brain that changes functioning throughout life by adapting to new things and through experiences. As Donna F Hammet writes, ‘Intelligent people adapt by showing that what can be done regardless of the complications and restrictions placed upon them’.

Surely it is a fact that we all arrive on earth with blank minds at first but it is also a truth that many people are born intelligent but the future of almost every person depends on their attitudes, work ethics and honesty to the amount of work they do. People who actually want to achieve something in life do not consider any object as hindrance including their disabilities. Man takes most of the important decision of his life through his mind, not bones. We need to stop refereeing people according to their physical appearances or portrayals. There are great numbers of people who do not speak or socialize much but inside them have some proficiency that holds the power of changing the world. Martin Luther, Rosa Park, Mother Teresa, Abdul Sattar Edhi, and Malala Yousafzai are some of the ordinary persons who changed the world through their actions. As there is a very common saying, ‘Actions speak louder than words’. We should condemn people getting discouraged on their disabilities and appearances and should rather promote their minds.

Appreciation plays a great role in this aspect. If you want to win people and even influence them, go and appreciate them, their work and their minds. Genuine appreciation lifts people, even an ordinary person will work more knowing that someone appreciates their intelligence. A healthy brain can help you reach places hence it is important you keep it with care and develop good habits for its care.

How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

 There are many ways through which u can develop a healthy brain and can protect it.

Walk daily– Taking even a 15-minute walk under the open sky after a hectic day releases all the stress and help your brain function actively.

Exercise daily– Most people do exercise to make their bodies fit but very few know that exercising boosts brain power like no other thing.

 Eat well- Eating healthy food does not only nurture your body but your brain too. Eating well is one of the few natural ways to improve your memory.

Drink a lot of water– According to a new study from Britain- dehydration harms your attention and memory. Since your brain is mostly water, drinking affects it in a lot of manners. Not drinking enough water can upset your mood and can upset your brain functioning.

 Think positively– One thing that diminishes the ability of the brain’s proper functioning are negative thoughts. Being happy improves your brain’s ability to be more alert and productive. It improves the brain’s ability to analyze and think properly.

 Try challenging and mind boosting activities- Studies have found that challenging your brain with new activities help in building new brain cells and strengthen the connection between them.

It has been said, ‘If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, make sure you keep your brain happy’.

It does not matter how you look and portray your character, what matter is how you operate in the world and how mentally stable you are. Your outer appearance and portrayal may reflect the choices of others but it is only your inner thoughts and healthy brain that reflects you. Use your brain for your advantage and to make a change in the world because, in the end, it is what matters the most.