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Take the Stress Out of Starting a New School Year

By |September 12th, 2019|

For some students, it’s the need to get good grades. For others, it’s the homework. There’s also the pressure to be cool and fit in. Whatever the reasons, a school can be overwhelming for teenagers and even younger children with many feeling physically ill as a result of the stress. That’s worrying for any parent, especially if their child suffers from anxiety. With the first day of class on its way, it’s time to take some measures so your youngster can thrive throughout the academic year rather than fret.

Confront the Issue

Your child may not be able to recognize anxiety and […]

There comes a time to put aside principles and do what’s right

By |September 12th, 2019|

‘What if’- a word that comes out of a person’s mouth abruptly when he thinks about the consequences of something he is about to do. Equally, this word has been used by humans after things turned out opposite for them. At these kinds of moments, this word depicts nothing but their infinite regret and fear. Many a time, life puts a man in situations where nothing comes out of his mouth other than, ‘What if’. This is the time when men desire a way back and change things.

As Deborah Tannen once said,

‘We all feel wistfulness and regret about roads […]