‘Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace’

Albert Schweitzer,

When was the last time you felt at peace by doing injustice to someone? Hard to remember right, because there is no way that you feel at ease by hurting others. Human is selfish. He might hurt others for his own interest and goals. He might pretend that he does not care but every time he hurts someone, he will feel irritated and complexed without understanding. To further move on with the essay, we must first understand the term ‘Antidote’ and ‘Compassion’ in the right manner and how do they both connect strongly. Compassion can be defined as the desire to help others and care about other people’s feelings without demanding something in return. It is possible that we are all practicing compassion in one way or another in our daily life without realizing it. On the other hand, the word antidote stands for remedy- a medicine that withstands a disease or bad situation. In the above proverb, ‘Compassion is the antidote for all sickness’, compassion is termed as the medicine a person can use to fight with any uncertain or intense situation. It can treat both mental and physical illnesses. Having compassion is like magic that can prevent a person from any evil.

All around us, we can see people exhibiting compassion in different ways. An act of compassion is never big or small; it is always an act of kindness done to make the life of fellow human beings better. The act of kindness can be giving charity, showing mercy by forgiving someone, feeding someone, planting a tree, or even making someone smile. With the help of compassion, one can not only easily win people; their love, loyalty, trust, and heart but can defeat illnesses like jealousy, frustration, and other derogatory ethics.

Now, let us take some examples to better understand how compassion acts as a medicine for a lot of diseases. We are living in a difficult world where every other person is fighting one battle or the other. Not every person is fighting a physical ailment. The majority of the people today are battling with mental illnesses. The act of compassion might not totally or instantly remove the problem from the person’s life, but it will definitely give him a lot of courage and hope.

  • One of the best and easiest ways of practicing compassion is listening. A lot of people define love as the foundation of human existence. No matter what age we are at, whether it is a child, young, adult, or old, we all need a support system. We all love to have people around us who are always ready to lend an ear. We all like to have attention and this is one of the basic aspects of human nature. Listening to someone and giving attention to his smallest of details will make the other person feel important. A lot of people become a victim of mental illness not because of lack of materialistic stuff but lack of affection. The feeling that there is someone who listens to your problems and shares the suffering somehow eases the pain.
  • Other small acts of compassion could be passing a smile to someone distressed, opening a door for elders or giving them space, sharing your food with the needy, helping someone with their work, or providing a person with shelter.

History is full of people who have shown us the right way of practicing compassion without any greed or advantage in return. It includes people like Abdul Sattar Edhi, Mother Terresa, Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther, and an unending list.

In a lot of cases, compassion is an inbuilt phenomenon, however, a lot of cases have been seen where, along with time and experiences, people have managed to build a sense of strong compassion in them. There are some ways through which a person can cultivate compassion.

  • Focus on the things that make you feel uneasy and disturbed. Point out the things in yourself that act as hindrances to compassion. It could be anything. For most, it’s the habits like hatred and anger. For others, it might be their laziness to get up and practice acts of kindness. For many, it’s the ignorance towards acts like compassion and kindness. First, a person has to realize this hindrance and then control or remove it. Only in this way, a person can become confident and determined to practice it.
  • Family is the first institution of a child. The things that a child learns from the family stay with him always. In today’s world especially, it has become very necessary that more than words, parents teach children through actions. A child does what he sees. To inculcate the sense of compassion in a child, it has become very important that parents teach or show him the importance of compassion. They could do it in many ways. For example, by giving them time, listening to their stories, helping them with work, showing affection, staying away from anger and fighting, and helping the poor/needy.
  • Schools and Institutions can also play a part in promoting the act of compassion. Every school should include an extra period of lesser time to talk to the child about the small and great acts of kindness and compassion. Teachers, through examples, could teach them the importance of practicing compassion and how it is beneficial for not only them but the whole world. Schools can arrange community service or volunteering activities for students to help in practicing small acts of kindness like planting a tree, cleaning the area, respecting the elders, showing affection to animals, and helping the needy.

Life is not only about fulfilling your own basic necessities or desires but working to make the lives of fellow human beings better. As Albert Einstein said,

‘Only a life lived for others is a Life WorthLiving’

In this world which is always full of hustle and bustle, a person needs to take out time for him or herself. In that free and relaxing moment, one should spend time finding ways of practicing acts of compassion and kindness in daily life. It’s not necessary to practice compassion or kindness just by going out and helping the needy. One can and should start it from his own home. It will help one to get rid of negative and depressed feelings.

When a person starts practicing compassion, he does not only provide happiness but also achieve it. The majority of people in this world attain self-contentment by spreading happiness and compassion. However, they do not realize it. It’s an experienced fact that our own serenity and wellbeing increases when we work for others. On the other hand, the more you will practice anger and hatred, the more you will remain disturbed.

Once we start practicing it, it will become a part of our personality automatically. With it, we can also inspire others to demonstrate the same act to gain positivity and use it as an antidote to defeat all sickness.