The idea of wrong and right in every person’s perspective today is very different from each other. Something that seems right to one person might seem wrong to others and vice versa. It is similar to the saying, ‘A hero to one is the villain to other’. There was a time when things were simpler and life was easier. Back then, people had a defined set of limits and notions about certain things in their minds. But today, the more the world is developing, the more complex things are becoming to understand.

In today’s world, a lot of times people justify their illegal means and possessions by justifying that they adopted the right method. Howbeit, wrong will always remain wrong no matter how much hard work one put or how many right steps one takes. One can never do the wrong thing in the right way because wrong steps always lead to wrong ends and so is true for the other. If you are actually adopting the right way, you will never get the wrong thing.

To understand the above saying further, let’s take the help of some examples. Taking easy routes and shortcuts is not wrong, however, violating the rules and codes is wrong. Consider this scenario, an employee is given a target to achieve for which not only he will get the bonus but the company will benefit too. To complete the task, the employee thinks of executing it through short but unlawful means. He presumes that although it is not the right way but doing it will benefit the whole company. He might claim that he did it in the right intention to help everyone, but he can never say that he chose the right way to do it. Cheating is a wrong thing and no matter for what reasons one does it, there is never a right way of doing the wrong thing.

The crime industry is thriving day by day. People today justify acts of robbery, snatching, and violence in the name of hunger and poverty. On getting caught, a lot of people explain that they did it to have food or shelter for their family or themselves. If a person looks into the case emotionally, he might accept the reasons and it might be right for him. Nevertheless, the act is legally wrong. Hence, no matter what reason or ways one presents, there is never the right way of stealing someone.

Now let’s take another example. There is a person serving his punishment behind bars. One day he gets the chance to escape from there. While getting away, he killed or injured the cops who tried to stop him. In his mind, it was a necessary thing to do as they could have caught him. The criminal tried to justify his action by saying that it was legally wrong but done for the right reasons.

No matter what way a person adopts, if he does the wrong thing, it is still against morals, ethics, and values. If the results and consequences are wrong, then there is no way that the steps taken were right.

Summing up the whole essay with one of Saint Augustine‘s famous quote,

‘“Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.”