The common synonym of rich that comes to a lot of people’s minds today is ‘having a lot of money’. But, there is a lot of meaning to the word ‘rich’. Rich, in the right term, means abundant (something in large amount). It could be anything- blessings, family, friends, happiness, or even contentment. The above phrase mentions that rich is not the one who holds a large amount of money or house but the ones who are contented with whatever they have. Some people do not have a large amount of money but a happy family that serves as their means of satisfaction. Different things act as a source of satisfaction for different people. Some people get satisfied with a big job, some with money, some with family and some by serving others. To be contented with something, we first have to find out the reason for our satisfaction.

We live in a busy world. It’s hard not only finding time for our loved ones but for our own selves. We are running with time without realizing and trying to find what we want or need. That is why today, even after having so much, we are depressed than ever. Usually, when we get the chance to sit with our grandparents and hear the anecdotes of their time, we will get to see a different kind of peacefulness on their faces. The peacefulness shows how happy and satisfied they were with their lives and everything they had. Back in the old times, they had fewer opportunities and luxuries, still, they were grateful. The reason is that they lived in a different world and time- one where people preferred personal or spiritual happiness over the materialistic ones.

However, today, if we notice, the more the opportunities and luxuries, the less is gratefulness. We are in a constant state of competition and comparison. As Bertrand Russel in his book, ‘The Conquest of Happiness’ says,

‘What people fear when they engage in a struggle is not that they will fail to get their breakfast tomorrow morning, but that they will fail to outshine their neighbors’.   

It’s sad that instead of analyzing our lives in our own ways, we judge it by comparing it to others. And, when we compare ourselves to others, no matter how much have we got, we will still complain and desire for more.
After all, its human nature that man is always hungry and never satisfied. As there is this saying, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.
This world and its inhabitants have always been like this- praising more and never settling for rest. There might be very few people in the world who are always at content with whatever they have in life. According to a report by psycholoGenie; humans contain the habit of comparing themselves to others with respect to social, emotional, or financial conditions which eventually lead them to low self-esteem. They always look towards what greater others have hence turned away from their blessings. In this game of comparing and reaching the level of other people, people often start taking things for granted. For instance, a person with an ordinary phone will desire a smart one, the one with a small car will wish for a big one, one living in a small house will always strive for a big one, a college student will always want to get into the collage above that, and a person with a small job will always adore big companies. And when these people will attain these desires, it will become difficult for them to go back to their past lives, but that does not make these things worthless. Below them, there will always be a group of people who only wish to have things like a simple bicycle, a mobile, one-time food, a cemented house, a job at least, and basic education. This is the cycle of life; for the low class, middle ones live a satisfying life and to middle ones, their life is nothing in front of the upper class.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 300 million people in the world are depressed. Displeasure with life is one of the reasons why a lot of people feel depressed. When a person is displeased, he often starts comparing his life to others and complaining. This habit of complaining and comparing makes one feel anxious, lonely, worthless, and hence depressed. Anyway, there is always a solution to every problem. We can do nothing if we do not understand ourselves first. To live a beautiful life, one has to remain contented with whatever he or she has. Everyone is fighting a battle in one way or another, but only those win who stay patient and content. Once we are contented and believe that whatever we are given is best and enough for us, we will not need anything.

Being grateful is a blessing. When you practice gratitude, you feel soften. Research says that being grateful brings positivity and hopefulness in a person. When you focus on things that you have (no matter how big or small they are) and show gratefulness for them, you automatically feel empathetic and satisfied. A trick to living an anxiety-free life is to stop looking up to the people who are above us and start looking for the people who are below us and living a painful life. In this way, we will start thanking for the blessing we have. We see a lot of people in the world who are poor, live in slums or roads, work day and night for little amount of money, yet they are happy and satisfied. On the other hand, there are people with big houses, good jobs and a lot of money, still, they are unhappy. Hence, one can never associate good life and richness with being wealthy only. A person (wealthy or poor) is rich who is satisfied and grateful for what he has.