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By |April 16th, 2019|


It is a tragedy of today’s life that we judge people on appearances. Good looks have become an important criterion in today’s world for standing up to any expectation. Poverty and appearance are two factors that serve as the greatest hindrance in a person’s success. Your body often overshadows your mind. Most people associate a person with their physical bodies. It does not matter to anyone what’s happening in your life as far as your body appears healthy and fine. But in reality, a human is much more than a piece of bone. More than on bones, humans rely […]


Brains, Like Hearts, Go Where They Are Appreciated

By |January 29th, 2019|

Stephen R. Covey once beautifully wrote;

“Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be and he will become as he can and should be.”

This is the hard reality of life that man forgets bad experiences sooner or later but not bad words. Words hold such a power that it leaves a long-lasting effect on the listener. If they are good, they will motivate the person to do more and if they are bad they will make him think over it for hours and months or years. […]

Dreams For Future Rely on the Work of Today

By |November 3rd, 2018|

There is this famous proverb,

                       ‘You reap what you sow’

The proverb simply states the fact of life that you sooner or later meet the consequences of what you do; you don’t study-you fail, you sin- you get punished etc. There will be many few things in life that we attain without striving for them.  For example, many times students get passed without studying, people get a job without preparing for the interview and a greater reward for little work. And in most of the cases, we define these happenings as ‘luck’.

There are two kinds of people present in this world; […]

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Are Modern Wars Not Holy?

By |September 23rd, 2018|

Political Scientist Bruce D. Porter once said, ‘State makes War but War also makes State’.

The phenomenon of war is not something new but it has always remained a part of this world. Almost all the countries present on this planet earth today are the result of some kind of wars. Some wars were fought specifically for religion like the Islamic Wars. From the period of Muhammad and the early days of Islam, numbers of wars were fought for the sake of Islam. Similarly, Crusades also serves as a good example of a holy war. For centuries, Muslims and Christians fought […]

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Money Obscures Reason and Justice

By |August 8th, 2018|

In the list of many things without which men cannot live today in this progressive world, money clearly takes the lead. Technology might have made life easier but, on the same hand, the world is becoming far too expensive with it. The world is progressing with each passing moment but ironically humans are struggling to live a peaceful life. A person’s lifestyle, desires, respect and opportunities, everything is linked to the amount of money he owns. If you pay close attention to reality, money nowadays has become the key that can open every gate for you. The more you rich, […]

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Is Preparedness For War Essential For Preserving Peace?

By |July 21st, 2018|

George Washington once said,

     ‘To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace’

In this 21st century peace, clearly, has emerged out as one of the most wanted things. Every single person out in the world desire for peace as it brings prosperity and stability. Be it about financial stability, economic prosperity, regional happiness or an individual’s thriving, nothing can be achieved without peace. America is a financially prosperous rich county but the disharmony among the people of different skins and religion make the country less peaceful. The political instability, ignorant leaders, […]

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One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

By |July 12th, 2018|

Stanley Diamond once beautifully wrote,

                            ‘What is beautiful today maybe an embarrassment tomorrow’.
This saying is true in every essence as it points towards reality. The world, in which we live, has never been perpetual. World moves, people change and so do their minds. Every individual in the world thinks differently and that is one meaning of this essay’s topic: ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. Every person holds a different meaning of beauty. Some things that seem beautiful to one may be considered horrible by the […]

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Too Much Freedom Is Unhealthy

By |July 8th, 2018|

No matter who you are or where you are from, if you ever get to read or listen to the speeches of your nation’s founders and historians, you will get to hear one word for sure: freedom.   The demand for freedom is not new or modern but it has interlaced with the world’s history for centuries. For example, if you turn back to the 18th century-the time of the French Revolution, you will remember the motto of the French Republic, ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’. By liberty, the French meant freedom for their nation. And if we take a recent example […]

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Is UN Military Intervention leading the World towards Peace?

By |April 20th, 2018|

While watching the news of wars and conflicts in places like Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Rohingya etc again and again on your television or social media sites, have you ever gotten curious and at once want to find out the reasons of all the mishmash going on? Every time you see a news related to a war, the next thing you see on the discussion is UN. What is it and why does every conflict quickly gets linked to it? Let’s stop here for now and first do a little history on it.

The world has always been in a state […]

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Beware the Bareness of a Busy Life

By |March 21st, 2018|

Technology has made life easier- no doubt. Technology does more than half of our work and saves our time but then why is that we are always busy.  If technology has made work stress-free then why are we spending more time in offices than before? Why are we rubbing our heads in Internet Cafes, on laptops and webs when we can go to a relaxing place like a library and read comforting stuff? If technology is really less time-consuming, then why are we missing out on so many family gatherings, events, and catch-ups than ever?  Christian Louse Lange once said, […]

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