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Who was Alexander the Great| The Essay Blog

History is all about the study of great men. Now how do you define great? Some were called the great because of their accomplishments, others for their reputes or legacy, and many for their legends of courage and bravery. This… Continue Reading →

Abdul Sattar Edhi; A Symbol of Altruism

Pakistan is a country notorious for corruption, extremism, gender inequality, poor rankings on human development index (HDI) and bad governance. Seeing this, a random thought knocked one’s mind. How could a country survive for 68 years in the midst of… Continue Reading →

The Greatest Muhammad Ali(1942-2016);RIP

World’s population stands at 7 billion people, yet there are few people who enjoy the prestige and honor as enjoyed by the Greatest Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali is the brightest star of the sports galaxy. The boxing sensation, known for… Continue Reading →

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